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We completed the first phase of investment in real estate in the center of Radom. The local in the cloce center of the city was traded to the users.

Our client Werth-Holz SA debuted on NewConnect operated by the Stock Exchange in Warsaw. We take care of development and maintenance of our client's IT-infrastructure.

After nearly two-years-long process in patent office, we have obtained legal protection of trade marks "Himalaya-IT", "Himalaya" and logo "HI".

From today we invite you to our new office at Kazimierzowska Street 43/34

We have finished first stage of design-software works on a new cross-language portal. Project was co-financed from UE fund - Innovative Economy, programme 8.1

At our client ECI Group we have implemented our new product - multifunctional document repository.

We have finished implementation of our new Forex trading system.

We have taken part in Devoxx - an annual technical conference that focuses on Java in Antwerp. Achieved knowledge will help us improve innovativeness and reliability of our solutions.

After analysis stage we have started work on PoC of SLM system for one of the five biggest banks in the world.

From today we invite you to our new office at Marszalkowska Street 55/73

We have finished implementation of our workgroup product at the joint-stock company


Portfolio Project Management Class Product

  Download: Lhotse presentation - PDF (in polish)

Lhotse is a perfect tool dedicated to small and medium enterprises which supports their activity in various areas. This product was created after a long observation as well as business and technical analysis of everyday work of many companies which allowed to isolate and formulate repeating processes in a clear and functional way


  • clear hierarchy of management
  • arrangement of business processes
  • continuous following of work progress
  • management of resources
  • tasks delegation
  • allocation of employees time
  • reporting on factual and assessed expenses of ventures
  • work schedules
  • assessment of the dates of tasks realization


Lhotse proves itself wherever business processes demand realization of many operations and coordination of many people's work as well as following the state and expenses of proceedings and allocation of resources. Examples of its application embrace the administration of projects, supervision of sales processes, planning and screening the realization of ventures, and management of clients.

Advantages of the system

  • low expense
  • low technical requirements
  • flexibility
  • safety
  • rich and intuitive interface
  • auto filling of dictionary entries
  • intelligent controls
  • validation of data on the side of a client
  • quick and easy implementation
Stream of information inside a company


Gathering and sorting business processes according to specific criteria facilitates work organization of sales representatives as well as internal sections of a company allowing it to plan activities effectively and to synchronize the work of large teams.


Access to complex knowledge about projects with the specification of tasks, date of their realization and expenses helps to screen continuously the progress of work and to supervise. The system improves the management of time, resources, and allows to optimize delegation of employees to specific tasks. It simplifies the assignment of dates of realization and assessing possible delays.


One of the functionalities of the system is reporting on factual and assessed expenses of ventures, which enables their better control. Click to make biggerThe implementation of expenses in connection to specific cases and clients enables the detailed analysis of sales and comparison of effects. It also contributes towards the rationalization of a client service.


Lothse system provides employees (independently of time and place) with access to the standardized collection of information which gives a full review of the relation with a contractor. It enables functional interception of tasks and clients in the case of illness or absence. It also facilitates the implementation of new employees with a guarantee of continuity and competence of service.

Stream of information inside a company


Elimination of the necessity of frequent searching for data and the exchange of information in a traditional way contributes to a significant saving of time and improves the quality of management and service. Click to make bigger The possibility to pin external files in a chosen binary format (MS Word/ Excel/PDF etc.) to any stage of a process guarantee immediate access to them exactly when they are needed and lessen the amount of paper documents.