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We completed the first phase of investment in real estate in the center of Radom. The local in the cloce center of the city was traded to the users.

Our client Werth-Holz SA debuted on NewConnect operated by the Stock Exchange in Warsaw. We take care of development and maintenance of our client's IT-infrastructure.

After nearly two-years-long process in patent office, we have obtained legal protection of trade marks "Himalaya-IT", "Himalaya" and logo "HI".

From today we invite you to our new office at Kazimierzowska Street 43/34

We have finished first stage of design-software works on a new cross-language portal. Project was co-financed from UE fund - Innovative Economy, programme 8.1

At our client ECI Group we have implemented our new product - multifunctional document repository.

We have finished implementation of our new Forex trading system.

We have taken part in Devoxx - an annual technical conference that focuses on Java in Antwerp. Achieved knowledge will help us improve innovativeness and reliability of our solutions.

After analysis stage we have started work on PoC of SLM system for one of the five biggest banks in the world.

From today we invite you to our new office at Marszalkowska Street 55/73

We have finished implementation of our workgroup product at the joint-stock company


Service Level Management system

We are working continuously on our original product SLM for the management of service levels in company, for one of the five biggest banks in the world. The system will implement Software Oriented Architecture concepts. Thanks to that, particular services are made to order compliant with a specification dictated by business, allowing the accomplishment of objectives iterative and incrementally and thus less risky. Completion of a project will be divclassed into three stages in which will be provclassed following elements of the system:

STAGE I (Poc) - finished STAGE II: STAGE III:

If You want, we will adjust our product to Yours need's and help You to take full adventage of potential and capability of your enterprise